Organic Ocean Vodka Partners with Local Farmer to Produce Ocean Glow Juices

2390581388333630524.JPG.htmlIt’s that time of year again…a new year!  It’s a great time to set resolutions and re-commit to practices that help you feel happy and healthy.

Local, organic, sustainable.  For Ocean Vodka, our resolutions include continuing to focus on the “green” practices that are so important to our brand, from seed to finished spirit.  With that in mind, Ocean Vodka has joined with local organic farmer and Glow Juice Maui owner Craig King to present some “fit and fresh” juice recipes that are not just delicious but nutritious as well!

2390581388333748235To be enjoyed with or without Ocean Vodka, these organic, gluten free, mineral rich, nutrient dense juices of goodness bring the Ocean Glow to you.  We designed them using ingredients from the Ocean Vodka Organic Farm and Distillery: fresh sugarcane juice, and strawberry and lavender from our Martini Garden.  Combined with local fruits and vegetables from the rich soils of Maui, including coconut, celery, parsley, cilantro, cucumbers, passionfruit, ginger, pineapple, papaya and more, these libations are sure to bring on your glow in the New Year.

2390581388348967694.JPG.htmlDid you know freshly extracted juices contain live enzymes and nutrients that are easily absorbed by the body for quick nourishment?  Working synergistically, the nutrients in these juices provide a supremely health-promoting food and have been studied for their roles in fighting cancer, stabilizing blood sugar levels in diabetics, assisting in weight loss and a host of other health benefits. “Juicing is by far the most effective delivery system for nutrients,” says Glow Juice Maui Founder Craig King. “The key is in the bio-availability of juices, immediately restoring and replenishing so that we can achieve great vitality!”

We are proud to be harvesting organic sugar cane at the Ocean Vodka Organic Farm and Distillery, and to be the only vodka in the world made with organic sugar cane and deep ocean mineral water.  As a member of the grass family, sugarcane juice has a high potency equivalent to wheatgrass juice.  Sugarcane is rich in calcium, chromium, cobalt, copper, magnesium, manganese, phosphorous, potassium and zinc.  It also contains iron and vitamins A, C, B1, B2, B3, B5, and B6, plus a high concentration of phytonutrients (including chlorophyll), antioxidants, proteins, soluble fiber and numerous other health supportive compounds.

Enjoy these juices straight up or dash with Ocean Vodka- it’s the New Year, and your preference!  Simply add 1.5 oz of Ocean Vodka to the below juices and voila!  Oceanized.

Ocean Glow Juices For The New Year

2390581388370461575.JPG.htmlOCEAN PLASMA GLOW:

Ingredients: 2 Cucumbers ~ 4 Stalks of Celery ~ Handful of Parsley ~ Handful of Cilantro ~ 6 Ounces of Coconut Water ~ Juice of Half a Lemon ~ Fresh Sugarcane Juice

Put all ingredients through juice machine, add coconut water and lemon juice. Enjoy!

Ocean Plasma Glow delivers a balance of B and C vitamins, protein, minerals, amino acids, electrolytes, and iron, just to name a few, all bio-available so the bounty of nutrients is immediately delivered.


2390581388370540703OCEAN TROPICAL GLOW:

Ingredients: 1 Whole Pineapple Peeled and Cut ~ 4 Fresh Passionfruits Scooped out of Skin ~ 1 Whole Papaya (Scoop Out Seeds, then Harvest Papaya Meat) ~ 2 Inches of Ginger Root ~ 12 Ounces of Coconut Milk ~ Strawberry/Lavender Puree

Put pineapple and ginger thru the juice machine, scoop out passionafruit, remove papaya seeds, and blend passionfruit and papaya in blender with coconut milk, strain thru food sieve, mix all together, shake. Enjoy!

Immune function is boosted through your body being flooded with magnesium, copper, B6, C, protein and minerals with the Ocean Tropical Glow.

For more info, please visit and  Contact Kristin Hettermann at 808-205-4767 or for pictures, interviews and any additional needs.  High-resolution images and logos can be accessed here:


About Glow Juice Maui

Organic and Natural Foods Chef Craig King launched Glow Juice Maui and the Glow Cleanse in 2011 from the island of Maui.  Always a chef, and now preferably a chef de liquide, Craig has been on the forefront of the natural foods revolution and has been leading people on cleanses for over 24 years.  Dedicated to sustainable and organic nourishment, he has served as personal chef to many of the CEO’s of the top natural food companies as well as leaders in the entertainment world.  Juicing was always an integral part of his food service, but with Glow Juice Maui he focuses on helping people heal their bodies through the art of nourishment.  Although Craig still enjoys helping the rich and famous keep their glow, his passion now lies in his work with local Hawaiians dealing with diabetes and obesity.  Please visit

About Ocean Vodka

Ocean Vodka is 100% certified USDA Organic, gluten-free and the only vodka in the world made from organic sugar cane and deep ocean mineral water, sourced from a depth of 3,000 feet off the Kona Coast of the Island of Hawaii.  The trace minerals, including potassium, magnesium and calcium, help create a distinct and pleasant flavor profile that is unlike any other vodka.  Long inspired by the ocean paradise of Hawaii, the mission of Ocean Vodka is to create a superior organic, value-added agricultural product from Hawaii that supports the local economy, competes globally based on quality and raises awareness for the conservation of the ocean.  The Ocean Vodka Organic Farm and Distillery in Kula, Maui highlights the company’s commitment to socially and environmentally conscious business practices, utilizing solar panels to power 100% of the operations and sustainably farming and harvesting organic sugar cane.  Tours run seven days a week and educate guests about the importance of organic farming for the conservation of land and ocean, sustainable manufacturing and the production of spirits.  Ocean Vodka has been the exclusive vodka on Hawaiian Airlines since 2007, and is the number one selling spirit made in Hawaii.  Ocean Vodka is sold in 33 states, Washington, DC, and Canada and is sold at $32.99/750ml.  Produced by Hawai‘i Sea Spirits, Kula, Maui, Hawai‘i 40% ALC/VOL (80 Proof).