6614b6eaa2085da1f41f79a2c4385ccb3a1658f2-t710Very excited to receive news that our new bottle design has received another award- this time from A’ International Design Awards! We were selected as one of the winners this international contest (out of a total of 15,000 submissions), receiving the renowned Silver A’ Design Award in Packaging Design Category.

6614b6eaa2085da1f41f79a2c4385ccb3a1658f2-1-t710Jim Grannan, the project leader of our awarded work, describes it as, “a contemporary expression of the ancient hand blown glass fishing net float. The neck of the bottle is angled to mimic the Earth’s axis with a disproportionate amount of glass sediment placed opposite and perpendicular to balance the vessel. The flat disk carved from the bottom serves as its base allowing emphasis to remain on the sphere shape. The embossed logo mark provides subtle branding to further support its high-end positioning; while the gloss finish denotes polished refinement.” To learn more visit: https://competition.adesignaward.com/design.php?ID=38733

6614b6eaa2085da1f41f79a2c4385ccb3a1658f2-2-t710The inspiration for the new bottle? Our Hawaii distillery produces vodka using deep ocean mineral water as a blending ingredient and placed it in a standard straight-wall stock bottle. The old packaging did not convey the brand position or unique properties of the product. With the name of the brand and key ingredient being the ocean, ocean-only artifacts became the criterion for the design process. The glass fishing floats from the mid-1800’s became the primary element. With the oceans covering 71% of our planet’s surface, the neck of the bottle is angled to mimic the Earth’s axis. Cerulean blue was selected to convey ocean water.

OCEAN Organic Vodka just also recently received the Tastings 2014 International Review of Spirits GOLD Medal for Creativity in the Packaging Competition, “Best Embossed Label.”

The Silver A’ Design Award

The Silver A’ Design Award is a prestigious award given to top 5% percentile designs that exhibits an exemplary level of quality in design. Entries to the A’ Packaging Design 6614b6eaa2085da1f41f79a2c4385ccb3a1658f2-3-t710Awards are peer reviewed and anonymously judged by an expert jury panel of prominent academics, influential press members and experienced professionals. Nominated packaging designs are voted on pre-determined evaluation criteria to highlight only the best packaging design works. In addition to reaching top international media, A’ Packaging Design Award winners are listed at World Design Rankings (worlddesignrankings.com), are highlighted at Design Classification (designclassifications.com) platform and are showcased at DesignMag.org which lists the best designs from all countries in all disciplines.

6614b6eaa2085da1f41f79a2c4385ccb3a1658f2-4-t710About A’ Packaging Design Awards

A’ Packaging Design Award aims to highlight the excellent qualifications of best packaging designs and greatest packaging design concepts worldwide. The A’ Design Accolades are organized and awarded annually and internationally in multiple categories to reach a wide, design-oriented audience. The ultimate aim of the A’ packaging Design Competition is to create a global awareness for good design. Learn more: http://www.whatisadesignaward.com

More info on our submission here.