(Dec 11, 2012) – We were thrilled to partner with the world’s top energy drink, Red Bull, entertaining the top surfers in the world at the opening celebration of the Red Bull JAWS Paddle at Peahi. Twenty-one invitees and 14 alternates for the Red Bull Jaws big-wave paddle event gathered on Friday December 7 along a bluff overlooking Jaws for the event’s inaugural opening ceremony. That evening, a select group gathered on a lawn on the beach enjoying Red Bull and Vodka and lots of surf talk! We are thrilled to support our surf community here on Maui and abroad.

Visit the event website on Red Bull USA.

Check out this article in Surfer Mag about the event!


Kala Alexander (HI), Grant “Twiggy” Baker (ZAF), Carlos Burle (BRZ), Kohl Christensen (HI), Danilo Couto (BRZ), Shane Dorian (HI), Nate Fletcher (CA), John John Florence (HI), Mark Healey (HI), Bruce Irons (HI), Albee Layer (HI), Greg Long (CA), Garrett McNamara (HI), Ramon Navarro (CHL), Jamie O’Brien (HI), Makua Rothman (HI), Jeff Rowley (AUS), Kelly Slater (FL), Ian Walsh (HI), Shaun Walsh (HI), Dave Wassel (HI)