IMG_1310It’s time to shop! Our Ocean Vodka online store is live….just in time for your holiday shopping needs!

1) Shot Glasses: Yes you know it…of all the ways to enjoy Ocean Vodka, straight up might be the best!  Our deep sea water and organic sugar cane composition gives that shot a smooth, semi-sweet finish that might even leave you ready for another- right away!

IMG_1405ed214b2) Hats: Next time you head outdoors to that ocean, don’t forget to grab your favorite hat.  What?  You don’t live near an ocean?  Well these hats not only look good but they will block the sun on any trendy street or golf course near you!

3) Truffles: Goat cheese, Chocolate and Ocean Vodka.  The stuff that dreams are made of.  Yes, you can impress your friends at your next dinner party with our handmade truffles, in partnership with our friends at Surfing Goat Dairy.

4) T-Shirts and Tank Tops: You love them, we know it.  We all have our favorite t-shirts…and we hope that your list will now include your favorite Ocean Vodka design!

5) Coffee Mugs: Wake up to Ocean Vodka!  Now, that’s a nice thought.  Whether it’s a white russian or just a cup of chamomile tea, your Ocean Vodka coffee mug will surely get you thinking about cocktail hour!

IMG_13093563ce6d52b0943464_665265316821900_936122103_n0dda5fCheers!  And thanks for loving and shopping with Ocean Vodka!  

And remember, please get wet responsibly this holiday season.