Our Farm: Tours

IMG_9401-EditTrue to OCEAN Organic Vodka’s organic and sustainable commitment, the Hawaii Sea Spirits Organic Farm and Distillery tour educates guests on the importance of organic farming for the conservation of land and ocean, green manufacturing and the production of spirits.

Our lesson to teach? You can act responsibly and still produce a superior product at a competitive price.

The Hawaii Sea Spirits Organic Farm and Distillery is open seven days a week, from 9:30 am – 5 pm.

IMG_8480OCEAN Organic Vodka samplings are offered after daily tour times in a designated tasting area bordering one of our organic sugar cane fields. Tour times at the Hawaii Sea Spirits Organic Farm and Distillery are every half hour, starting IMG_9513from 9:30 am with the last tour at 4 pm. Entrance to tours is $12 a person for those 21 years and older ($27 including a lunch meal, reservations required 24 hours in advance), and includes a sampling with take-home souvenir OCEAN Organic Vodka shot glass for those 21 and over. For an overview of what you will experience on tour, see below.

We are closed on the following holidays: 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Years Day and Easter Sunday. Please note: 24 hour cancellation policy on tours booked with lunch service.

For more information and to schedule a tour, please email us at info@OceanVodka.com or call 808-877-0009 or 866-77-OCEAN (866-776-2326).



Click here for Contact Info and Directions. Click here to download the Ocean Vodka Brochure and here for a Japanese version.

IMG_9424Areas covered in tours of the Hawaii Sea Spirits Farm and Distillery are: Sustainable farming practices with its abundant fields of sugar cane; Green manufacturing processes in its 6,000 square foot solar-powered warehouse and bottling center; Organic spirits production using 60-foot column still distillation; and local history of sugar cane farming with species identification. The state-of-IMG_8623the-art Hawaii Sea Spirits Organic Farm and Distillery utilizes solar panels to power 100% of the operations of the distillery and facility. The sugar cane is organically farmed on the rich, volcanic soils without the use of synthetic pesticides or herbicides, and mature sugar cane stalks are hand-harvested for processing. The Martini Garden, a garden designed specifically for martini lovers, highlights fresh, local ingredients such as Kula lavender, local citrus, passion fruit, pineapple and strawberries.

Curious about what goes on at one of the only vodka farms in the world? Walking through the two-year-old farm (open in April 2013) you will be amazed at just how fast a farm can grow together. The tour includes information on what it means to be certified organic, the difference that hand harvesting makes, sustainability, and organic spirit making.

IMG_9719Sugar cane first arrived in Hawaii as early as 600 AD, but not until the late 1800’s did it become a key player in the evolution of commerce in the state of Hawai’i. Take an exploration through the history of sugar cane in Hawaii as you walk through a row of 27 different native Polynesian varietals cultivating on the farm.

If you are lucky, you might run into Master Distiller Bill Scott in the distillery, constantly working on producing quality spirits and the conceptualization of new spirit lines. Visit the bottling room, where employees and family share the responsibility of painstakingly hand bottling every bottle of OCEAN that hits the market.

Don’t be surprised if you walk away feeling like one of the family. The Smith family prides themselves on being a three-generation Hawai’i family, working closely in all aspects of the business to produce a superior product that competes globally. Employees and visitors are all family at the Hawaii Sea Spirits Organic Farm and Distillery!

IMG_8354Before you end your stay, you will be welcomed to the sampling room, where your guide will educate you on spirit sampling as well as explain the unique combination of deep ocean mineral water and “sugar cane-based” spirits that are behind what you are experiencing and tasting.

Take your time and enjoy the view! Wander out to The Point at Hawaii Sea Spirits Organic Farm and Distillery and enjoy the 180-degree vista of the north and south shores of Maui.