Where to Eat and Drink: A bounty of locally sourced ingredients and island specialties characterize this culinary paradise.


Ocean Organic Farm and Distillery

Where locals love to lunch and sip

Let the organically produced spirits draw you in, but be prepared to enjoy one of the best lunches on the entire island. This gathering place is a favorite among locals and the most Maui-feeling restaurant around. Simple, yet flavorful cuisine turned out by a very talented kitchen crew (including some former Morimoto Maui chefs) includes ingredients from the property’s raised beds and neighboring farms. The main attraction, however, is unquestionably a tour and tasting of Hawaii Sea Spirits’ Ocean Organic Vodka, Fy Gin, and Kula Rum. All are produced with a base spirit made from distilled organic sugarcane by master distiller Bill Scott, blended with deep-sea ocean mineral water, which lends a unique weighty, silken texture.