Dave Kennedy is a storyteller above all else, and it’s easy to see why. His songs paint a cinematic portrait of America as his characters journey through love, heartbreak, humor, sin, redemption, revenge, and perhaps even a few of the songwriter’s own footsteps along the way.

Bringing these songs to life is a voice so soaring and powerful you can’t help but be swept away into his world by the end of the first chorus. He navigates his way through each story and each world with a dynamic presence of both strength and subtlety that appreciates both the peaks and the valleys, the highways and the back roads, the loves lost and lingering in his mind.

It’s for all these reasons that Dave has a reputation as one of Nashville’s most respected songwriters and artists, and why artists like Travis Tritt, Riley Green, Whiskey Myers, Drake White, Larry Fleet, and others are eager to continue writing and performing with Dave.

Hot off the heels of a tour with The Steel Woods, Dave co-hosts and performs on Southern Rounds, a bi-weekly virtual songwriters-in-the-round where you hear the stories behind Country Music’s biggest hits performed by the songwriters who wrote them.